Milwaukee Brewers


Offensive slump still alive and well, Brewers lose 4-1

Yovani Gallardo pitched very well and deserved to win the game.


  • Gallardo was pretty much the only shining star on the team today. He went 7 strong and struck out 8.


  • The offense was non-existent again. The team managed 4 hits. I’m not sure why Nyjer Morgan is still getting starts when there are two other CFers on the bench batting over .300. He is batting .119 and with all singles. He hasn’t even walked yet this season. 3 of the first 4 hitters are below .200, not good.
  • Francisco Rodriguez gave up the lead in the 8th and Wily Peralta made his debut and lets the Rockies tack on another one. Can’t really blame the pitchers, giving up only 4 runs should be enough to win at least some of the time.
  • One of the main reasons that the team isn’t hitting is they are swinging at pitches out of the zone. 90% of the time when a guy pops it up in the infield it means they are reaching for balls out of the strike zone.

It is all the bat’s fault.

You can even tell by where he is looking that the trajectory of the ball isn’t good.

The Brewers are back in action tomorrow night when the Houston Astros come to town. Ordinarily I would think that the series was in the bag, but the Brewers just aren’t hitting the ball and the Astros just whipped the Dodgers 12-0 this afternoon.  Zack Greinke takes the mound against Lucas Harrell.